Sunday, December 10, 2023

T-Fest: Janet Devlin’s 50,000 strong audience keeps growing and growing

THE YOUR THURROCK film of X-Factor star Janet Devlin’s performance at T-Fest last year has just burst through the 50,000 views figure.

Janet’s ten minute performance, which we published on youtube, was warmly received by an audience of of hundreds at the concert in June of last year but since then, viewers all over the world, have kept looking in.

The film has 377 likes and hundreds of comments from fans in USA, Australia and France, to name just a few.

Hard on the heels of Janet is body-popper, Aidan Davis who performed in 2010 and has 35,000 views.

But all the acts that appear get healthy viewing figures which validates the acts booked.

Plans for this year’s T-Fest should be announced shortly.


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