Ward by ward: Orsett: Littles to make a bigger splash

THERE is something very Orsett in the fact that we are set to see the changeover from Mr and Mrs Revell as councillors in Orsett to Mr and Mrs Little.

Sue Little has been an Orsett councillor for two years and has been a breath of fresh air. Yes, Sue may be green when it comes to politics and sometimes says things that other Tories may wince at (and journalists rub their hands with glee) but there are many residents who are grateful for her hard work and commitment.

Perhaps the voting in of her husband, Brian Little may see a little ying to Sue’s yang as he displays a little, diplomatic touch to Orsett and Thurrock politics.

Some predict that Brian and Sue may exert a growing influence in the Conservative group as the Phil Anderson era looks like it is coming to a close.

UKIP veteran, Clive Broad is also standing and may well make inroads into the Orsett vote. They were 718 votes behind in 2012 and may well halve that gap.

YT prediction: Cons hold: 400
Clive Broad (UKIP)
Brian Little (Cons)
Roisin Hewitt (Lab)
Matthew Orbell (Lib Dems)

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