Saturday, June 10, 2023

Save The Elm Road Open Space campaign gathers pace

THE CAMPAIGN to save the Elm Road Open Space from being built on is gathering pace.

If plans go through a school for 900 pupils will be built on the park in Grays.

YT went down to the park to speak to local resident and campaigner, Jen Farrant as well as Grays Thurrock councillor, John Kent.

There is now a petition.

Jen John


  1. John Kent…what a clown.
    Just political point scoring again.
    Come on Elm Road wake up to this man.

  2. We stopped taking our grandchildren over that park the state the locals left it in, plenty of rubbish bins but no all rubbish thrown everywhere, not to mention the state of all of the alleyways.

  3. There are some animals down here trust me.

    They would only see the school as a free baby sitting service.

    Cllr Kent is only playing them for political point scoring…mugs!


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