Sunday, June 4, 2023

Crime prevention day in Aveley

Aveley Village

THURROCK Neighbourhood Watch successfully conducted Crime Prevention campaign at Aveley Community Hub on Saturday.

Thurrock NHW Chairman Roger Passfield, TNHW Senior Co-Ordinator Ken Collins & TNHW Co-Ordinator Aveley & Uplands ward Srikanth Panjala explained about how the neighbourhood watch working for the Thurrock Districts to bring down the crime rate to the visitors with an exhibition of crime prevention tools and material.

Due to corona threat all over the world, they saw less turn out but the people who ever visited, showed their personal interest and joined voluntarily into to the group.

Below are things discussed and explained to the new members:

Crime Prevention: Help to bring communities together to prevent crime

Setting Policing Priorities: Our local knowledge will be invaluable

Pursuing Police Services: Our views can help to shape future policing in our area

During the campaign, Aveley & Uplands ward NHW members discussed with PC Neil Brand and PCSO 72455 Laura Coombes Essex Community Police officers about local issues.

Aveley & Uplands ward Co-Ordinator Srikanth Panjala requested for the odd hours patrolling along with “stop and search” action plan in his ward due to increased burglary attempts along with stolen from vehicle or stolen vehicle cases are registering more and more especially between 1am to 5am where there is a neighbourhood watch scheme is running actively.

PC Brand said, patrolling will be conducted by different department from Essex Police not from community support officers. Essex Police are working on stop and search when they see suspicious activity during their visit.

Before finishing the campaign, Thurrock NHW proudly presented NHW Badges and Hi-Vis to the Aveley & Uplands ward members for their continuous efforts and services to the community through Essex Watch Liaison Officer Kevin Blake who has attended as a Special Guest to this event.

Kevin Blake appreciated Thurrock Neighbourhood watch members contribution to the community work is exceptional.

TNHW Chair Roger Passfield praised Aveley & Uplands Ward Co-Ordinator Srikanth Panjala for his proactive approach and initiatives.

If you would like to become a Neighbourhood Watch Street Coordinator contact Roger Passfield on 07538 195221 or via email:


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