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Danielle Jones murder: Stuart Campbell’s brother ‘furious’ at possible release

THE brother of a convicted murderer who killed 15-year-old Danielle Jones is “furious” that he could be released from prison reports the Thurrock Gazette.

Stuart Campbell, 63, was jailed for life in 2002 for murdering his niece, but will be eligible for parole later this year.

Now Campbell’s brother Alix Sharkey has written a book about their upbringing, and hopes it will encourage his brother to “do the right thing”.

Campbell has never confessed to Danielle’s murder, and has refused to share where he hid her body after she vanished from East Tilbury in June 2001.

She was set to catch a bus to St Clere’s School in Stanford-le-Hope, but her parents never saw her again.

Speaking to the Sunday Times Magazine, Mr Sharkey said: “I hope it will shift something in him, to make him understand that you cannot pretend to anyone, including yourself, that this is over, that you can start again.

“You can’t do that. I won’t let you. You have to tell these people what you did with that girl’s body.”

Mr Sharkey said the introduction of Helen’s Law this year, which legally requires the Parole Board to consider whether a prisoner has admitted guilt or expressed remorse forced him to think about his brother.

The law is named after Helen McCourt, who was murdered in 1988 aged 22, but her killer Ian Simms never revealed the location of her body.

Mr Sharkey said: “I realised with Ian Simms that with the way the law stands you can leave prison without confessing your crime, without expressing remorse for what you did — you can still get out of prison.

“Then I was furious. I was furious with myself for being complacent about the whole thing, and furious with him.”

Despite this, Mr Sharkey still feels Campbell is ashamed of what he did, because he never responded to letters in prison.

He added: “A response means a conversation, a conversation means being confronted with his crime. I guess he can’t handle that.”

Mr Sharkey’s book is available from tomorrow.


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