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5000 Lib Dem Votes Up For Grabs…..

OVER the last ten years and in three general elections, over 10% of the voters have put their cross beside the Lib-Dem box. In 2005, it was Earnshaw Palmer. The popular candidate and former councillor from Chafford Hundred gained 4,770 votes.

It wouldn’t be a surprise if the tyro candidate Carys Davis broke through the 5,000 votes mark as she has, so far, embarked on hard working and personable campaign.

Unfortunately, due to an “administrative oversight” there will be no Lib-Dem candidates in the local elections.

Privately, right-of-centre parties are fuming that the Lib-Dems have possibly handed Thurrock Labour 5,000 free votes.

One very much doubts whether all five thousand voters will place their tick besides Carys’ name and then ignore the local ballot paper. Many might but many are also expected to vote. The question is: for whom?

The Leader of Thurrock Council, Conservative councillor, Garry Hague has asked voters to judge them on their record on the environment.

Cllr Hague said: ” Our record on street cleaning, recycling and the environment is one that the Lib-Dem voters should be attracted to.

“We are the agents of improvement in this borough with fantastic GCSE results, the Royal Opera House, Dubai Ports and a whole host of opportunities. I hope they will join us on the continuing journey.”

However, the Leader of the Thurrock Labour Group, Cllr John Kent has slammed the Tories on their record over the past six years.

Cllr Kent has said: “Have a look at the Tory administration over the past six years, there has been missed opportunity over missed opportunity.

Our streets and highways are piled high with rubbish; Our Key Stage Two results are the third worst in the country and huge amounts of money continues to haemorrage out of the council through salaries for interims and consultants.

“I would like all the people to think about that on May 6th.”

UKIP candidate for Aveley, Tim Aker has implored voters not to choose either one of the two main parties.

“We are disappointed that the Lib-Dems have abandoned the local electorate but I believer this makes the choice even clearer.

“It was UKIP that exposed the dodgy MP’s and led demands to increase income tax thresholds to take lower owners out of income tax.

“We are at the vanguard of local democracy and call for the dissolution of unelected quangos such as the Development Corporation that are determined to pave over Thurrock.”

A full list of candidates can be found at

Council Candidates Declared


  1. ooooops how did that happen and are heads rolling for this oversight??

    Will be interesting to see where the votes end up, will they be for the Conservatives who have done some bits but not a great deal or Labour who did just as much when they were in office but seen to have a lapse of memory over the past 6 years.


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