Myles’ Blog: All Change…..

I have taken this opportunity to decide upon a direction for this column. I will still have the odd purely personal column but I have decided that I will look at issues in adult health and social care, giving my personal opinions and raising concerns where they jump out and try to throttle the life out of me.

From Grays To San Antonio

I have been home a couple of times and my family has visited here a lot. I am a five minute drive from Seaworld San Antonio which truly is an amazing place. Every year my family and I buy season passes as they have a huge water park as well as the amazing shows with Shamu the Killer Whale and the bottle nosed dolphins.

Thurrock Has Real Witches!!!!!!

May 27th was a full moon & if you look closely enough you may have see some of Thurrocks Witches flying passed on their broom sticks. Well actually I’m not really serious about the flying on brooms part, but I am very serious about Thurrock and infact all over England there being real witches & mediums in our midst. Scared!